Chicken is always natural

There are a lot of stops along the way in a Chicken’s life before it reaches our dining table. Starting from our modern, state-of-the-art Hatcheries, where day old broiler chicks are hatched under strict bio security and technical supervision, to environment control chicken farm houses, where chickens are raised under the watchful eye of farmers and competent veterinarians, to halal slaughtering, chilling, quality assurance, packing, local chicken retail outlet, and the kitchen, with ultimately on our dining table, full of great taste and nutrition!

Once situated in the farm house, chickens roam, eat and socialize with other chickens under standardized conditions, and our farming team makes sure the chickens get the best possible nutrition, are comfortable, stay healthy, and grow per their genetic potential.

Chicken feed mainly (around 55-65%) constitutes of grains such as: Corn, Rice, Wheat, Sorghum, remaining part consists mainly of oil seed meals such as: Soybean Meal, Canola Meal, Sunflower Meal, Guar Meal, whereas a small portion consists of essential micro ingredients such as multi vitamins, essential minerals, amino acids, organic acids, and anti-oxidants.

 The misconception of chicken being raised with hormones/steroids and being genetically modified is totally false and baseless.  Hormones and steroids for chickens do not exist and not produced on commercial basis anywhere in the world!

Modern chickens are bigger than ever before, which raised the question – how’d we do that? A number of factors go into raising larger, healthier birds than ever before, but genetically modifying chickens to be larger isn’t one of them at all! There are no GMO chickens commercially available, period. In fact, as we speak, there is no animal available commercially, which is genetically modified.

So what factors do go into raising larger, healthier chickens? We start with good breeding. Over the years, we’ve selected chickens with the healthiest growth and size for breeding, to help get the best start possible.  Modern advances in farming, including advanced housing, climate controls, and biosecurity, coupled with good animal husbandry and cooperation between farmers and veterinarians, all help us raise larger, healthier birds.  There is no hidden aspect to it.

The natural genetic potential of the chicken bird when given the right environment, given balanced nutritious feed and water, with good management practices, results in achieving the genetic potential of the chicken bird in terms of more meat and better feed conversion..

At ANI, no hormones or steroids are ever fed to any of our chicken, and all our chickens are 100% natural always!