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For three generations, we have been nurturing ANI with passion and our strong values. Through the business verticals of ANI Feeds, ANI Chicks, and now ANI Foods, our mission remains to be recognized as one of the most trusted and respected Companies in Pakistan. To achieve this, we have developed strong bonding with our stakeholders, and we truly love what we do as a team.

Our unique team consists of passionate farmers, nutritionists, food processors, chefs, marketers, energizers, veterinarians, feed millers and obsessive hard workers, who bring in a unique perspective to what they do, to take us further with our vision. As part of our exciting culture, we display strong moral fiber by nurturing the strength and abilities of people around us, which is a true reflection of our values and how we run a happy and healthy business.


Inspiring happiness with the ultimate food experience


We aim to be the leading producer & provider of food globally, through a business that values its customers & consumers and respects its employees and stakeholders alike.


01) Respect… for Life!

To respect our stakeholders & the community that we work with in.

02) Passion... for Life!

To be passionate about our business and make our actions exhibit our exhilaration.

03) Trust… for Life!

To have a high level of affinity with our stakeholders and grow on mutual bases of trust.

04) Nurturing... For Life

To display strong moral fiber by nurturing the strength and ability of our people to do what is right.

05) Positivity... For Life

To create an environment of positivity.

ANI Feeds

We prepare feed for all types of chickens (Broilers, Layers and Breeders). Our nutritious poultry feed is majorly based on:

Natural grain products :




Rice Tips

Oil seed meals:




Supplemented with :

Amino Acids


Organic Acids

Multi Vitamins

Essential Minerals

Our feed is available for :

Our own farms

Valuable Business partners

External quality conscious farmers

Some of the key features of our feed are :

Excellent Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

No hormones & steroids at all

Good pellet quality for minimum wastage

Quality being top priority for us, therefore our feed is passed through a rigorous testing process to ensure it is safe, nourishing, and complete in every aspect to fulfill all the requirements of chicken of all ages.

ANI Chicks

Our Parent Stock farms and hatcheries are built on international standards and we ensure :

Parent Stock Farms :

   Are based on all-in all-out concept

   Have top hygienic conditions

   Comply with highest bio-security standards

   Are equipped with latest technology, and provide best available living conditions with controlled temperature, fresh water supply and vital variables to ensure a healthy chicken line

Hatchery :

   Fertile eggs from parent stock farms

   Incubation (21 Days)

   Chick handling

   We adopt strict hatchery practices, to provide excellent quality chick, being the foundation for future broiler performance

Broiler Farms :

   Our broiler farms have state-of-the-art controlled environment with precisely controlled temperature, humidity, hygiene conditions, resulting in improved health conditions of the chick to maximize its genetic potential

   Very strict bio-security measures are adopted at our farms to prevent any disease out-break and to get a healthy chicken

   Our farms have the capability to monitor and manage all the factors affecting the growth and quality of the broiler

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